The Combat Team

The Combat Team is coming to Dallas November 7-9th, 2014 - and its FREE!

High flying kicks, concrete breaks, and plenty of excitement! If you want an exciting evening out with the family, you should come out to this event and see the Combat Team live in Dallas. The Combat Team is a group of skilled martial artist who travel the world with a purpose higher than karate…Spread the word of God and tell young people that Jesus loves them and thru Him they can do all things.




deep ellum arts festival April 4-6 2014


Dallas Mavs VS Oklahoma Thunder

I’m torn. I am an OKIE that is a Texan at heart. I love Dallas and my first NBA game was a Mavs game in Nov 2013. Tonight I am going to Dallas Mavs vs Oklahoma Thunder and I like them both very much. Who should I route for? Well, the easy answer is the Mavs since the game is in Dallas and I will not be an outcast. However, being from OK I feel that it is only right if I am loyal to the Thunder. Can I route for both teams? I think that is my only choice. May the best team win.

Dallas Rock N Roll Half marathon

I ran the Rock N Roll half marathon today (for the first time) and enjoyed it vey much…It was very well organized (with one exception – parking) and very fun. The race starts in the heart of Dallas – Downtown and runs thru Highland Park (Billionaire row) and ends in Fair Park. Great music, great organization, and lots of runners to run with and stay motivated to run 13.1 miles. I have ran at least 10 half marathons and two full marathons over the years, and I would say that this one is near the top of my list. I will be back next year.

rock n roll metal


Great Italian food in Dallas (Addison, Tx)

Last night I ate for the first time @ Antonio Risorante in Addison. I must say I was truly impressed! From the moment I pulled up and got FREE valet service, when I walked in and truly felt that I was in a “real” italian restaurant, and the food “oh my goodness”- it was mouthwatering. I had the Paglia e Fieno ( a pasta dish with ham, mushrooms and a cream sauce) per the server suggestion. I was eating my “pre-run” pasta dinner for the half marathon the next day.

I would highly recommend this place if you want a nice evening out and great Italian food in Dallas.

antonio rest

Breakfast at Ellen’s Southern Kitchen

I just finished a delicious breakfast at Ellen’s Southern Kitchen in Dallas west end. The breakfast is so great and the location is cool in downtown Dallas…I recommend the omelets with cheese, mushrooms, and avocado.  The coffee is pretty good too and that is coming from a true coffee snob. Treat yourself to a great breakfast in the big D.

Sir. Elton John in Dallas March 13th, 2014

WOW! I have always wanted to go see Elton John in concert and this past Thursday night in Dallas that dream came true. What an AMAZING experience it was…Three hours without a break of Elton John’s greatest hits including Rocket Man…

I knew this would be a great experience but I didn’t know it would be the time of my life…Yes, Elton is a legend and a great singer but he is also a great performer and knows how to connect with his audience. I am so happy I went to see Elton live and my only regret is my wife was unable to attend as she was caring for our 4 year old. Elton has charisma and style like no other and the best thing about seeing him live is he sounds as good live as he does on his albums. That is amazing! This was such a cool experience and a great weekend in the best city in the US – Dallas.



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